Study for free at Vilnius Business College (VVK)

Pomegranate Fund € 34 000. The scholarship to study in Europe for 1 person is €3 400. 10 students can study abroad for free at one of the 5 college programmes:
  • Business Management and Marketing;
  • Computer Games Development;
  • Programming and Internet technologies;
  • Digital Business;
  • Programming for financial technologies.

How can you get a scholarship from VVK?
  • You must have the required level of English (IELTS 5.5 and above);
  • Your grades for the previous diploma should be 80% or higher;
  • Write a letter of motivation (why exactly should you receive this scholarship?);
  • Take an internal maths test with 50 questions.

If you want to study in Europe for free, you should apply quickly. Places are limited and the competition for the scholarship will end soon.
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