Study Business Management and Marketing at VVK

Have you always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur and running your own business? 👩‍💼

In the Business Management and Marketing Bachelor's programme at Vilnius Business College (VVK), you will learn how to start your own business and, most importantly, how to run it so that your start-up is successful.

You will get a universal knowledge that you can apply in many directions and with which you can easily find a job, e.g. as:

🔹HR manager;

🔸Media content creator;

🔹Business strategist;

🔸marketing specialist;

🔹or start your own business.

A European diploma will open up new opportunities for you. You can live wherever you want and earn good money.

Our students start working while they are still studying and get paid from €700. And when they get a full-time job, they earn from €1,500 per month.

Would you like to know what you can do? Then follow the link!