How much does life cost in Vilnius? 🤔

Enrol at Vilnius Business College (VVK) and study cheaply in Europe.

Life in Vilnius is much cheaper than in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy or other European countries.

🏠You can rent a flat from €200 per month.
A room in a student hotel can be found for €120.

🍕Meals will cost you about €250 per month. If you want to go to restaurants, you should budget about 100 € per month for that.

🎡Entertainment: cinemas, museums, sightseeing. Students get great discounts, sometimes they can even visit museums or exhibitions for free. Therefore, set aside 100 € for entertainment per month.

💰Additional costs 100€. Always have extra money with you in case you suddenly want to buy something for yourself.

Now calculate for yourself how much money you need for a month in Vilnius, depending on your financial possibilities.

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