Spring enrollment at Baltic universities: have time to celebrate the New Year as a student of a European university!

At universities in Latvia and Lithuania, you can enroll in bachelor's, master's, and PHD programs in the spring.

Which universities in Latvia and which degree programs are open for spring enrollment 2022:

Riga Technical University (RTU) - is a leading and internationally recognised university in Latvia, enrolling nearly 15,000 students. If you are seeking an education at one of the best universities in Europe, you should consider RTU.
Programmes for which enrollment is open in the spring: Computer Systems, Telecommunications, Intelligent Electronic Systems, Entrepreneurship and Management, Economics, Electrical Engineering (Adaptronics), Intelligent Energy Systems, Technologies in Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering, Technical Translation, Computer Systems, Business Informatics, Telecommunications, Entrepreneurship and Management, Economics, and others.

Uzbekistan based RTU semester Students enroll in spring enrollment programs, study them during the first semester, improve their English, and then take exams and move to Riga to study at Riga Technical University (RTU) in the second semester.
Programs for spring enrollment are open: Entrepreneurship and Management, Telecommunications, Electronics and Mobile Communications, Mechanical Engineering Technologies, Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering, Economics, Aviation Transport, Electrical Engineering, Technical Translation, Computer Systems.

Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies (LLU) - LLU is the only university that prepare specialists in the agricultural sector. It promotes the intellectual potential of rural areas, motivates young people to further their education and contributes to the development of science and culture. The university campus is located in a beautiful palace 40 km from Riga in the town of Jelgava. This city is known as the city of students because of its large number.
The courses offered by the university are: Sociology of Organisations and Public Administration, Computer Management and Informatics, Information Technology for Sustainable Development, Business Administration, Sociology of Organisations and Public Administration, Landscape Architecture and Planning, Information Technology, Food Science.

School of Business and Finance (BA) - is one of the leading schools in Latvia. By the decision of the International Education Committee BA was included in the top 1000 best business schools in the world. Today more than 8000 highly qualified BA graduates work in leading companies, banks, accounting firms and various governmental organizations.
Programs for which spring enrollment is open: Business Process Management, International Finance, International Finance and Banking, Business Management, Cybersecurity Management, Business Management.

Baltic International Academy -  is the largest private higher education institution in Latvia (founded in 1992) with 4,500 students, including more than 450 international students from 22 countries in Europe and the world, forming a multicultural environment at the Academy.
Programmes for which enrollment is open for the spring: European Research, Tourism Management and Hospitality, Business Management, Psychology, Financial Management, European Research, Strategic Communication Management in Leisure and Entertainment Industry, Business Management and Administration.

Air Training occupies a leading position in the field of primary flight training in Latvia. Air Training instructors are active pilots of commercial airlines. They will be happy to share their accumulated experience with you. They are real professionals with experience in such airlines as AEROFLOT, airBaltic, LATAVIO, CONCORS and many others. The training will enable you to fly privately inside and outside the European Union and can be the starting point for your way into big aviation.

Which universities in Lithuania and which degree programs are open for spring enrollment 2022:

Vilnius Business College (VVK)- is one of the oldest schools of economics in Lithuania, offering an individual approach to each student. Professional teachers with extensive experience guarantee quality education. Seven full-time (3-year) degree programs in English and/or Russian are offered to international students.
Programs for which the spring offer is open: Business Management and Marketing, Programming and Internet Technologies, Game Development, Business Management and Marketing (rus.), Logistics (rus.).

University of Applied Social Sciences (SMK) - SMK - holds a leading position in the ranking of universities. The university actively participates in the social and economic life of the country. More than 100 different national and international projects have been implemented, which greatly contribute to scientific, cultural and social development.
Programmes for which enrollment is open in the spring: International Business, Marketing and Advertising Design.

Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) KTU is a leading Lithuanian university offering a wide range of research and working closely with the business community. The research groups working at KTU contribute to the world scientific knowledge by conducting advanced interdisciplinary research on the most important issues of our time. 
The majors for which spring enrollment is open are: Architecture, Chemical Technology and Engineering, Civil Engineering, Communication Research and Information Management Technologies, Materials Physics and Nanotechnology, Mechatronics, New Media Language, Public Administration, Applied Chemistry, Architecture, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Management Technologies, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Food Science and Safety, Industrial Biotechnology, Industrial Engineering and Management, and others.

Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) - VMU is one of the TOP 800 universities in the world (QS World University Rankings). Students are free to change and design their schedule, to specialize easily in one area and in another, to travel abroad for international exchanges, and to prepare for these trips by taking some of the 30 foreign language courses available.
Programs for which enrollment is open for the spring: Education and Information Technology (online program), Computer Systems, International Policy and Development Studies, Logistics and Trade, Smart Engineering, Business and Entrepreneurship (online program), Applied Computer Science, Business Logistics, Diplomacy and International Relations, Educational Management.

Why is it easy to enter a university with a Baltic Center?

Our mission is to help young people around the world achieve education and success by giving them the opportunity to find the future they dream of.

To apply to a European university, you must first prepare the following documents:
  1. Photo (as for passport) in png format.
  2. Identity document (passport).
  3. Educational documents (diploma or certificate from the previous place of study), translated into English and notarized.
  4. International certificate of English language proficiency (if available). If you do not have an international certificate of English language proficiency, you will have to take an internal online English test of the university. The lack of a certificate is no reason to assume that you cannot enrol at a European university!

These documents must be attached to the system Our managers will help you with this if you have any difficulties.

After that, your "Student's Path" begins. This path is divided into modules. Therefore, we offer two options for cooperation: the standard package and the VIP package, which includes certain modules.

The Standard Package consists of 0-2 modules provided by the Baltic Center. The provision of services under this package ends with the student receiving an invitation from the university to obtain a residence permit.

The VIP package consists of 0-4 modules that provide a complete list of Baltic Center services and allow you to apply for admission, relocation, housing, and residency. The provision of services under this package ends with you receiving a residence permit.

The cost of the services package depends on the region in which you reside. After you have paid for the Baltic Center service package and registered in the system, we will conclude a contract and start its implementation.

Hurry up, because there is a 13% discount on all Baltic Center service packages until December 15, and applications for spring recruitment are accepted until December 24 (for citizens of the countries CIS until January 15).

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