90% of students are employed immediately after university

If you or your parents think you won't find a job in Europe, you're sorely mistaken. At Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies (LLU) you'll learn the most sought-after profession of the 21st century that will make you competitive in the labour market. In Europe it doesn't matter what passport you have. The employer will pay attention to your skills and motivation.

You can even work officially while you study. If you study in Europe, you can get a residence permit, which means you can get an official job.

According to the Ministry of Education, 90% of LLU graduates are employed after graduation.
Graduates work in companies such as:
🔸Ubiquiti Networks

And some start their career path during their studies.

Our students earn from 500 euros part-time. And graduates have a competitive salary of 2000 euros.

If you want to study abroad and find a good job, then enroll at LLU. Sign up for a free consultation with our expert.