4 reasons to choose Vilnius Business College (VVK) 😏

1. Innovative teaching methods. 👩🏻‍💻 Students acquire important practical skills and learn to work in a team and make improvised decisions.

People with such skills become TOP managers in international companies. 🔥

2. Study abroad. ✈️ VVK sends its students to more than 20 countries where they study and research at a partner university. All students in the Erasmus+ programme receive a scholarship of 500-700 euros per month.

3. Entrepreneurship in 1st year. 👩‍💼 Students learn from renowned entrepreneurs and develop their business from the beginning. In the 1st year, the business starts to bring real money.

4. Language learning. 📚 Classes are held in English, Russian and Lithuanian. Students can additionally learn different languages.

Find out which programmes you can apply for. The scholarship fund is €34,000 - you can even study for free.