Erasmus+: How you can study abroad for free ✈️

Vilnius Business College (VVK) students take advantage of all opportunities and participate in all student exchange programmes. ☺️

Erasmus+ is one of the most popular programmes for students. Have you heard about this programme? If not, we will tell you about it today.👇🏻

  1. You will study for six months at a partner university in an EU country.
  2. You only pay for your studies at VVK and you can study at expensive universities in Europe for this price.
  3. You will receive a scholarship of € 500 to €900 per month, depending on the country you will study in. If the country is expensive, the scholarship will be higher.
  4. You can extend your stay in another country by applying again for Erasmus+. Or you can choose another country and study there for another six months.
  5. You can repeat your participation in the Erasmus+ programme an infinite number of times. So you can study in several countries at the same time.

⚠️Do you still have questions about the exchange programme? Then sign up for a free mini course on admission and find out all the additional information.