One of the four types of temperament in the Hippocratic classification. A person with choleric temperament may be characterized as quick, impetuous, capable of devoting himself to work with passion, overcoming considerable difficulties, but at the same time unbalanced, prone to violent emotional outbursts and sudden changes of mood.
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Business qualities
You have the strongest quality that dwarfs all others: You are virtually impervious to stress. That does not mean you are insensitive, it means you are less susceptible to stress than others and less reactive to it.
You and difficulties
You and others
You and your performance
You and your studies
You and difficulties
When you have difficulties along the way, you do not give up or retreat, although many might give up in such situations. You are very playful, and such difficult situations give you a sense of play, and your love of risk warms the blood and helps to solve problems.

But you tend to idealize and overestimate your powers, and often lack a sober appreciation of the possibilities.
You and others
In communication, you will often be prone to very emotional and impulsive outbursts. To outsiders, it may appear that you are aggressive at times. In communication, you will be quite direct, which may not please everyone. But at the same time, you are incredibly open to communication and often become the life of a party, gathering a crowd around you.

You have a large social circle. But most of your contacts are on the level of camaraderie, acquaintances, and are quite superficial, even if it does not seem that way to you at first. But if you look closely and think, you will discover the truth for yourself.

You cope perfectly with the role of provocateur, leading parties and wherever it is necessary to move a large number of people to action.

Your characteristic features:
  • rapid, confused, very emotional speech;
  • rich facial expressions;
  • gestures and your body, this is another language that cannot remain silent.
You and your performance
If you are forced to do routine tasks, then you will get tired very quickly and lose interest in them.

You tend to make quick and impulsive decisions that you will often regret and change your point of view, the main thing is that it is not too late.

Your mood changes quite often, it is very important for you to stay in a good fighting mood for fruitful work. Therefore, in the morning get small rituals, pleasant things that will put you in the mood for a positive day.
You and your studies
There may be difficulties in learning, but if you get the organization of the learning process and your time right, you will succeed.

You need to be interested in the subject matter as much as possible.

  1. Use different ways to perceive the material: after reading, watch training videos, view infographics, etc.
  2. Ask your classmates to join you and learn together, ask them to discuss difficult material.
  3. Alternate learning with breaks. A walk will help you defocus your attention and gather strength for the next call, do simple physical exercises

Using as many channels of perception as possible guarantees learning success.

The most successful way to study a topic is to learn how to research the topic. That way you have clear semantic blocks in your head, then you definitely will not forget the material you studied and you can defend your point of view logically.
Professions for your type
You are suited to fields of expertise where the human factor plays a major role, the ability to make contacts, to assert yourself.
You will be able to quickly learn new activities and adapt well to the new space. But monotonous work is fatal for you and will quickly tire you.
Recommended professions
Not recommended professions
  • Artist
  • TV and radio reporter
  • Director
  • Journalist
  • Diplomat
  • Supplier
  • Pilot
  • Businessman
  • Manager
  • Dispatcher
  • Coach
  • Goods expert
  • Builder
  • Electrician
  • Investigator
  • Geologist
  • PR Specialist
  • Surgeon
  • Translator
  • Insurance or advertising agent
  • Designer
  • Driver
Success will come in many areas of life, especially if they are based on project work (solving a particular task from start to finish, taking on a new task only after completing the first).
It will be important for you that the work is not evaluated by the time spent, but by the final result. You may like the idea of working to an individual schedule.
Choleric temperament is not suitable for the choice of occupations with monotonous and monotonous activities.
Not suitable:
  • Florist
  • Accountant
  • Librarian
  • Archivist
  • Working on an assembly line
  • Even journalism, when it is necessary to write monotonous articles.
When choosing a career, it is important to pay attention not only to the position, but also to the functional tasks.
Famous cholerics
Sometimes it pays to pay attention to famous people whose temperament type matches yours. Perhaps their success depended in large part on what profession they chose for themselves.
N. V. Gogol
The last Tzar of all Russia and the first Emperor of all Russia.
A. Suvorov
The Russian Russian commander, the founder of Russian military theory.
A. S. Pushkin
Poet, playwright and novelist, who laid the foundations of the Russian realist trend, literary critic and theorist, historian, publicist, journalist.
D. I. Mendeleev
Russian scientist-encyclopedist: chemist, physical chemist, physicist, metrologist, economist, technologist, geologist, meteorologist, oilman, teacher, balloonist, instrument maker.
Very often we do not even suspect anything about our abilities, so there are doubts and misunderstandings about "who am I by vocation and what is my path". It becomes very difficult to choose a university and a field, maybe you have already entered a university and now you understand that you have made the wrong choice. Do not worry, our team of specialists will help you to choose the right specialty and university where you will definitely get everything you need to reveal your talents.
Remember that each person is unique and some characteristics may be more or less pronounced. This article is for recommendation purposes only.