To obtain a visa or a residence permit in Latvia, it is necessary to issue and present a health insurance policy in the amount of 55,000 euros.

Baltic center for the provision of services for issuing a health insurance policy for citizens located on the territory of Uzbekistan, Latvia and other countries of the world.
What does a health insurance policy include?
22 000 €
Medical expenses
Тhe еxpenses associated with the provision of emergency medical care during the trip, including the costs of treatment in a hospital, the purchase of transport to the hospital, are reimbursed. The frame covers the costs incurred by the Client as a result of a terrorist attack.
150 €
Medical expenses on the urgent dentistry aid
11 000 €
Reimbursement for the transportation of the body of the deceased garment to the country of residence. By written agreement, repatriation expenses may be replaced by expenses for burial abroad, including the cost of buying a coffin.
700 €
Expenses of Client's accompanying person
Reimbursed expenses for medical personnel are reimbursed if medical evacuation cannot be carried out without a doctor leaving with the client. With the permission of the doctor, the health worker can be replaced by one family member who traveled with the client.

22 000 €
Medical evacuation
Reimbursement for medically ordered transportation from a foreign hospital to a hospital in the country of residence.
The expenses for the purchase of painkillers, expenses for temporary dental treatment (X-rays, medications, temporary filling or tooth extraction) are reimbursed.
Term and cost of health insurance policy?
To apply for a visa and move to Latvia
24.00 € (Riga);
34 € (Uzbekistan and other countries)
3 months (90 days)
For registration and obtaining a residence permit in Latvia
35.00 € (Riga);
50 € (Uzbekistan and other countries)
12 months (365 days)
To apply for a visa, move to Latvia, obtain a residence permit in Latvia
44.00 € (Riga);
63 € (Uzbekistan and other countries)
15 months (455 days)
You can pay for the health insurance policy online or in cash at the offices:
After paying online and providing the necessary information for registration, you will be sent a valid electronic health insurance policy in a convenient way for you. At your request, we will provide you with printed copies of the policy free of charge.

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Working hours: 9:00-18:00 (arrange in advance with a consultant!)
After ordering the policy, our manager will contact you to confirm the order and clarify the details.