A melancholic personality leads to self-reliant individuals who are thoughtful, reserved, and often anxious. They often strive for perfection within themselves and their surroundings, which leads to tidy and detail-oriented behavior. Phlegmatic individuals tend to be relaxed, peaceful, quiet, and easy-going.
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Business qualities
People with a melancholic personality are often prone to depression at the slightest difficulty. But in addition to increased anxiety and often baseless sadness this temperament type has a lot of other unique characteristics.
You and difficulties
You and others
You and your performance
You and your studies
You and difficulties
Your depressed state is not usually visible to others, but isolation and vulnerability become very noticeable in difficult situations or adverse developments.

The main thing is that you successfully cope with the tasks set in a pleasant, familiar environment and in a normal state.

The peculiarity of this temperament type is that you have a point on the attitude of others to you.
You and others
You have a heightened sensitivity and emotionality, which is why you clearly see and notice the hidden subtleties in the behavior of colleagues, classmates, friends, and so on.

Perhaps that is why you are incredibly attentive, which allows you to subtly feel music, literature, art.
You and your performance
You love to work! You absolutely must do something that inspires and fascinates you. If you are forced to do something you do not like, then very soon you will fall into depression and melancholy.

And here it is more important than ever to know what professions are suitable for different temperament types and especially melancholic. After all, it is precisely an unloved job, chosen for a high salary or proximity to the place of residence, brings grief, bad mood and failure at work.

If we take into account all the factors and the influence of temperament on the choice of profession, then any job brings satisfaction, good mood and trusting relationships with the boss and others.
You and your studies
To study normally, you need to tune in well. For successful absorption of the material, you need to pay special attention to time management and all related processes. Nothing should disturb you in the process. The clothes should be comfortable, the table should be comfortable, and the head should be free from extraneous thoughts.

Pay special attention to your diet and daily routine. Also, start practicing yoga, Pilates or any other sport that will help you cope with stress and balance you.

Stress is the most dangerous weapon against you, to avoid succumbing to the threat of panic, try to focus and:

  • Highlight the main thing at this point in time.
  • Focus on the most important things to achieve the goal.
  • Build a step-by-step logical connection to achieve the main goal at the moment

The more detailed the material is elaborated, the better it will be remembered.

When preparing for the upcoming session, try to avoid thinking about the upcoming exam at all costs.

You tend to get preoccupied with yourself. So do not get hung up on possible failures and undesirable developments.

Ask your loved ones for support - this is your weapon. Increase your self-esteem - this will help you not to fall into the traps of melancholy.
Professions for your type
Melancholics are often found where increased attention to detail, high powers of observation, and almost complete lack of communication are required.
Recommended professions
Not recommended professions
  • Technic
  • Information
  • IT Informatics
  • Artist
  • Writer
  • Film critic
  • Architect
  • Accountant
  • Auditor
  • Programmer
  • Literary Editor
  • Analyst
  • Individual psychologist (group training is contraindicated)
  • Teacher
  • Fashion Designer
  • Designer
  • Composer
  • Veterinarian
  • Geologist
  • Zootechnician
  • Agronomist
  • Engineer
  • Radiomechaniс
And many other disciplines that do not require a lot of communication and interaction with other people.
We strongly advise against choosing a job that requires you to communicate a lot. Frequent communication causes deep emotional experiences due to a biased attitude towards oneself and impressibility.
It will also be difficult to work in a field where there are frequent acts of God, various changes, even minimal stressful situations. All this significantly harms performance.
  • A doctor (especially a surgeon)
  • Pilot
  • Lifeguard
  • Dispatcher
  • Advertising agent
  • Sales manager
  • Talk show host
  • Actors
Famous melancholics
These people have achieved worldwide fame, mainly because of their unique characteristics of the type of temperament like yours.
N. V. Gogol
Russian one-time novelist, playwright, poet, critic, publicist, recognized as one of the classics of Russian literature.
A. A. Blok
Poet, writer, publicist, dramatist, translator, literary critic.
P. I. Tchaikovsky
Composer, teacher, conductor and music critic.
M. Y. Lermontov
Poet, novelist, playwright, artist.
We hope that you, like all these world celebrities, will be able to strengthen your positive qualities and overcome the difficulties of your temperament and use its advantages to build your future. Subtle reaction, increased sensitivity of the nervous system, instant recognition of nuances of feelings, strong emotional experience - all these qualities can be your best friends.
Very often we do not even suspect anything about our abilities, which is why there are doubts and misunderstandings about "who am I by vocation and what is my path". It becomes very difficult to choose a university and a field, maybe you have already entered a university and now you understand that you have made the wrong choice. Do not worry, our team of specialists will help you to choose the right specialty and university where you will definitely get everything you need to reveal your talents.
Remember that each person is unique and some characteristics may be more or less pronounced. This article is for recommendation purposes only.