One of the four types of temperament in the Hippocratic classification. A person of phlegmatic temperament may be characterized as slow, quiet, with stable aspirations and a more or less constant mood, with a weak outward expression of mental states.
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Business qualities
You are distinguished by an incredible memory and supreme intelligence. You reconsider all your decisions repeatedly and carefully, leaving no chance of failure.
You and difficulties
You and others
You and your performance
You and your studies
You and difficulties
Your main problem is slowness, but at the same time it makes you incredibly strong. If there are any unforeseen circumstances, problems or force majeure, you are able to analyze the situation absolutely calmly and make an informed decision that will be the only right one at the moment.

And it is true that you are tense for a long time, but you do it in a charming and qualitative way.

However, if you have done something before or have experience, then you will quickly perform this kind of task exactly as the situation requires.

Besides slowness, there can be another disadvantage for many: When a phlegmatic is asked to do something, he will do exactly what is required of him, and beyond or beyond that he will not exert himself. Therefore, it is necessary to overestimate the demands on themselves.
You and others
You are very stable and balanced in communication. Stress is foreign to you and you are not familiar with it, but of course you are human and give way to emotions, although not as pronounced as others. In communication you are not verbose and are very reasonable.

In fact, you do not need a large number of people around you and therefore create a small circle of communication. Do not be offended by those around you, but many people may be annoyed by your leisurely speech and slowness in business.
You and your performance
Sometimes it is very difficult to make a decision, although if you have made a decision, then you automatically have a plan and you act clearly and move towards the intended goal.

You love order and therefore try not to leave your comfort zone and familiar surroundings. Higher power and hyperactive people are difficult and tiring for you.

Employers love you for finishing what you started and achieving your goal no matter what.
You and your studies
But you are not so steady with your studies. You find it very difficult to engage in the learning process, if you remember your slowness, you will "sneak past" diploma and project work for a long time.

Therefore, when planning your calendar, immediately set the time for momentum.

Remember, once you focus and get in the right frame of mind, there's no stopping you. You'll make up for lost time quickly if you approach the task carefully and master the material.
Professions for your type
You are the most efficient person (we are talking about the type of temperament, do not relax). You can really do even the most monotonous work efficiently for a very long time.

In fact, you can work in any field and be quite successful there, because analytical skills, a cold mind and prudence are required periodically in any position and in any field.
Recommended professions
Not recommended professions
Phlegmatics are especially useful in production, in the field of administration, and wherever it is important to keep any processes in a steady state.

Pay attention to the following professions:
  • Process Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Lab Technician
  • Dispatcher
  • Goldsmith
  • Veterinarian
  • Doctor
  • Electrician
  • Mathematician
  • Physicist
  • The Astronomer
  • Driver
  • Economist
  • Specialties with communication (but be careful here)
  • Accountant
  • Sales Manager
  • Medicine
  • Agronomist
  • Agricultural worker
  • Nerd
  • Administrator
  • Database Proofreader
  • Engineer
  • Mechanic
  • System Administrator
  • And much more.
Although he is not particularly sociable, that does not mean that he is contraindicated in professions involving communication. The main thing is that they do not require him to actively participate (for example, the position of a sales manager). And he will be very good at being a system administrator, a doctor, an accountant.
You should not choose a subject where there is a lot of communication or activity.

It is not necessary to start a job that requires frequent improvisations, working in a frequently changing environment with quick reaction, changing from one task to another, switching to new requirements.
For a phlegmatic person, it is important to work according to a strict schedule, according to algorithms that he understands, with clearly defined tasks and set deadlines for their implementation.
Therefore, he should not work:
  • Talk show host
  • Secretary
  • Improviser
  • Surgeon
  • Manager (quick response)
  • Artist
  • TV reporter
  • Conductor
  • Businessman, etc.
Famous phlegmatics
If you have trouble choosing a profession that matches your temperament type, try paying attention to famous people whose temperament type matches yours. Perhaps their success depended on what profession they chose for themselves.
I. A. Krylov
Russian publicist, fabulist, poet, editor of satirical and educational journals.
Isaac Newton
English physicist, mathematician, mechanic and astronomer, one of the founders of classical physics.
M. I. Kutuzov
Russian commander, statesman and diplomat, general field marshal from the family Golenishchev-Kutuzov, participant in the Russian-Turkish wars, commander-in-chief of the Russian army during the Patriotic War of 1812.
Try to take all desires and the inner voice into account when choosing a career. Well, if the inner voice was silent when you entered the university, and then it turned out that you have difficulties with studies, do not worry. The student services will help you to go all the way through this path. And then you need to decide whether to continue to follow the beaten path or radically change the nature of the activity.
Very often we do not even suspect anything about our abilities, which is why doubts and misunderstandings arise about "who am I by vocation and what is my path". It becomes very difficult to choose a university and a field, maybe you have already entered a university and now you understand that you have made the wrong choice. Do not worry, our team of specialists will help you to choose the right specialty and university where you will definitely get everything you need to reveal your talents.
Remember that each person is unique and some characteristics may be more or less pronounced. This article is for recommendation purposes only.