One of the four types of temperament in the Hippocratic classification. A person with sanguine temperament can be characterized as lively, mobile, experiencing failures and difficulties relatively easily.
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Business qualities
You are born to be great bosses and occupy the most responsible positions. You have the potential to become a sincere and humane boss that everyone will remember with warmth in their hearts.

You have an inner talent to attract people's attention and simply fascinate the interlocutor. You are quite calculating and reasonable, so you can always use your talent and convince the interlocutor to accept your point of view.

Lack of information or simply ignorance of some details of the case can confuse and spoil the mood. (For example, ignorance of technical specifics).
You and difficulties
You and others
You and your performance
You and your studies
You and difficulties
When you get into a difficult situation or trouble, you have a very different perception. Other people in your place might break down, but you are so positive and enjoying life that you can easily handle unsolvable tasks. Others may feel that everything is given to you playfully and jokingly.

Balance is also your positive trait. Even though it may seem like you are worried about something on the outside, there is actually peace and tranquility within you.
You and others
Candor, expressiveness, richness of speech, moderate emotionality, good nature, and an optimistic attitude make him the soul of the company. The Sanguine himself does not always aspire to be the center of attention. But what can you do: The audience loves him so much that he has virtually no choice.

You probably have a huge circle of acquaintances and practically no friends, well, maybe a few. Yet it is very easy for you to build up a large number of contacts in a very short time.
You and your performance
You are a true superhero, you can focus on one task for a very long time, then immediately switch to another and do whatever is needed quickly and immediately.

Due to the fact that you do many things at once, it is likely that you perform tasks rather superficially and it is difficult to achieve conscientiousness.
You and your studies
You know how to organize yourself and your space, so learning comes easily and naturally, but only if you access yourself and develop a system of daily routine.

It's important to be systematic not only in organizing your time, but also in learning the material. If everything is laid out on the shelves, then learn the material will be much easier.

You will be able to successfully learn the material in this way: you will be very good at participating in group discussions and active teaching, as well as conducting lab experiments, setting up experiments, and taking notes. These ways of studying the material will help you learn and assimilate the material as effectively as possible.
Professions for your type
The type of temperament and the choice of profession are very closely connected, as you will now see from the example of a sanguine.

Such a person is characterized by a stable capacity for work, which can almost never be influenced by external or internal factors. Thanks to this quality, he can successfully realize himself in a variety of professions in which mental or physical work plays the main role. And since this type of temperament is almost universal, a sanguine will be able to find himself in almost any field of activity (depending on the interests, abilities, skills).
Recommended professions
Not recommended professions
  • Administrator
  • Seller
  • Waiter
  • HR Manager
  • Teacher
  • Psychologist
  • Economist
  • Technologist
  • Showman
  • Speaker
  • Director
  • General Manager
  • Lawyer
  • PR
  • HR
  • Educator
  • Journalist
  • and many others
Sanguine people are suited to bright, lively professions in which they can satisfy their communicative needs, open new horizons, show creativity.
But you are unlikely to be interested in the position of clerk or radio installer.
You should not hold positions such as:
  • Jeweler
  • Wood turner
  • Dispatcher
  • Weaver
  • Accountant
  • Bibliographer
  • Archivist
  • Restorer
  • Master Watchmaker
Famous Sanguine People
These sanguine men were chosen by their profession, and brought them world fame and honor:
Napoleon Bonaparte
The Emperor of the French in 1804-1814 and 1815, a general and statesman who laid the foundations of the modern French state, one of the most outstanding figures in the history of the West.
A. I. Herzen
Russian publicist-revolutionary, writer, teacher, philosopher.
Pierre Beaumarchais
French playwright and publicist, best known for the comedy plays "The Barber of Seville" and "The Marriage of Figaro".
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Remember that each person is unique and some characteristics may be more or less pronounced. This article is for recommendation purposes only.