Enroll in Latvia and study at the expense of financial support from the state.
If you enroll in a Latvian universities, you have the opportunity to receive a state education grant awarded by the State Educational Development Organization (Valsts izglitibas attistibas agentura — VIAA) in the form of a scholarship.

Citizens of the countries with which the agreement has been signed can apply for this scholarship. Request the list of countries from the consultants by contacting the Baltic Center representative office or by emailing or by skype
Who can apply for a grant?
• Students of bachelor's degree programs of the 2nd year (who have studied for 1 year in a higher educational institution of any country);
• Students entering the Master's Program;
• Students entering PHD programs.
To apply for the scholarship, you must submit the following documents:
Applications (you can get the document at any representative office of the Baltic Center);
Curriculum Vitae;
A copy of your passport or identity card.
Motivation letter;
Notarized copies of diplomas of secondary and higher education;
Letter of recommendation (written by a university representative/professor (to undergraduates) within the last six months);
Invitation letter (Sent by employees of the Baltic Center);
Certificate (or other document) of language proficiency (if you have passed our exam, we provide a confirmation letter);
All documents must be in English or Latvian, or with a notarized translation. Documents must be provided in 2 copies.
Students studying full-time in English language programs are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

Students can get government scholarship 2 times for full time study, candidates must have above average grades.

The total amount of the scholarship is 5,000 euros (bachelor, master) and 6,700 euros (PHD).

The monthly scholarship amount does not exceed 10% of the total scholarship amount.

Bachelor and Master students receive a scholarship of 500 euros per month, PHD students receive 670 euros.

The scholarship is paid for 10 months (PHD studies - 11 months). The scholarship amount fully covers the tuition fees per year and most of the living expenses.
Requirements for candidates and general information about the grant: